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About Us

Unstoppable Camp was rebranded in 2017, previously known as Walk Own Camp and before that "Good Ole Hastings Camp".   This camp is a place where many lives have been changed, thousands of lives have been saved and many people have been commissioned to the ministry.  If you're looking for a camp to experience God.....   Look no further.

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Pastor Gary Schnepp

Pastor "PG" Gary is a legend in legend at Winding Creek Camp.  PG is the Senior Pastor at True North Church in Lansing Michigan and He's been in charge of the Youth Program at the Camp from 1989 - 2001 and again from 2017 - 2024.  He loves kids and has a genuine concern about your teens relationship with God and walk with Christ.

Pastor Len Beck

Pastor Len grew up at Winding Creek Camp.  He attended there as a high school student from 1988 - 1995 and as a college counselor from 1997 - 2000.  He's also been in charge of the Youth Program at the Camp from  2017 - 2024.  One of his passions in life is helping kids further their relationship with God.  He loves walking along side teens as they journey through life in their Christian Faith.

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